6 Reasons Why New York’s Salmon River in Oct is like a 30” February Powder Day

Since there hasn't been much snow this past month its got us thinking about fishing. The Dyer has been reflecting on a recent trip to New York and how it compares to a powder day snowboarding.

  1. There are no friends on a Powder or River Day
    1. You fall behind you get left behind
  2. All human decency and societal norms are thrown to the side
    1. Cutting the lift line, slowly forcing someone out of  a hole and general politeness seems not to be an option
  3. Claiming how you got their soooo early to get the best hole or first chair is more important than the size of fish you caught or epic powder run.  You know the type of person I am talking about.
  4. Everyone comes out of the woodwork
    1. Haven’t seen “Bill” since your last day of junior high? Come to that first 30” powder day or the first weekend of the salmon run and chances are you will see him there!
  5. Every form of equipment is used no matter how old or nonfunctional it is
    1. Powder hounds and fish bums live on budgets. Some of these budgets ran out in the mid 90’s
  6. Getting a guide might help with the experience. Finding that secret pow stash or fishing hole is just a short $400 away…. Not including tip.

Why I don't keep fish

Last week we were fishing and Bryan hooked in to this 21" lunker of a Brown. What a amazing fish. We all were stoked for Bry. We took a few pics and then let the fish get back to its business. Then two days later I was fishing the exact same hole fishing a similar fly and technique as Bryan. I hooked into a fish and after getting it in the net we were looking the fish over and noticed it had the exact same scares as the fish Bryan had caught. I always look at fish with scares and feel bad. This time I was kind of stoked because we knew this guy. This is a great example of why I don't keep fish. I like to let them go to get bigger and give other anglers the opportunity to catch the same fish. Catch And Release

Small Stream Fishin'

We've been up on some smaller streams lately going after those notorious small stream hogs. We can't really say we landed "Hog Johnson", But we can manage to agree with did well, and had a lot of fun on these low-key streams. Got to love catching beautiful fish on dries!  IMGP1782 IMGP1807 IMGP1809 IMGP1813 Fishy1 Fishy2 Fishy3 Fishy4 fishy5 fishy6 lg1 pw1 pw2 pw3

Owyhee River Fish & Camp Trip

Each year we try to at least make one trip to Southern Oregon to hit up the Owyhee river. There's a 11 mile stretch of hungry Brown Trout infested water. The Browns in this section are the most picky fish I have ever fished for. But they are all large and they like to eat. So once you figure it out you're in for a good time. We really enjoy fishing this river because you sight fish. We wait and watch for fish and cast dry flies to them. It's challenging because these fish know whats up. So you tippet down and change flies often to find the one that a particular fish will eat. The challenge is worth it when you pull in a 18" brown caught with a size 22 midge using 6X tippet. This area does get a fair amount of pressure from fisherman so when fishing expect to see plenty of other fisherman. Be respectable and wait your turn. The fish aren't going anywhere and they seem to come back very quick. We don't cover a lot of water we change-up more and keep catching fish out of the same holes. Here's a few pics from our adventure. Fish On! Jared Casting Golden Brown Camp Fire1 Fire2 DCIM101GOPRO Callibeatis DCIM101GOPRO Colorful Adipose Fin Branden Set Branden With a Slab Branden teeth Browndrip2 Jared Brown BloodWorm Sunset Mouse Sunset fishing Jared Casting Sunset Mouse Fish On Mouse Getting Bent Mouse Graming Mouse Jared Casting Hooked up chin Mouse Gold Mouse Brown Trout Underwater Release

Deschutes River Fishing Report

Mouse, JP and I hit up the Deschutes River last week while at MT Hood for a work conference. We were hoping the big bugs were out and the fish were keying in on them. When we showed up to Maupin we couldn't be more pleased to hear from the guys at the Deschutes Anglers Fly Shop that the bugs are everywhere and the fish are looking up. We talked a little shop and picked up a few flies in exchange for some local knowledge then went on our way down stream. The day started off well seeing fish jumping during the time we were setting up our gear. We were excited and scurried down the path to the river to give it a go. With in a few minuets JP had a strike and a miss. Then a few minutes later I hooked in to my first bow of the day. I fished that same run for about an hour and picked up a handful of fish. It was so much fun. Even a 14" fish is a fight and will give you a run for your money. I then headed up-stream to catch up with JP and Mouse to hear they both had similar success. At that point I was stoked and knew the day was going to be epic. We fished until the sun went down. We caught a fair amount of fish and missed a handful too. In all it was well worth the trip and each one of us couldn't have asked a better adventure. Enjoy the pics. Deschutes Angler Mt Jefferson bugs Jareds First Bow Minow Mouse Casting Junk Fish JP Fish On JP Fish Jareds Red Side Golden Stone GeeseRainbow Snake

Help to Keep Public Waters Accessible- Support USAC

These guys have been fighting to keep our Utah waters open for everyone. Please take the time to learn more about their cause and show them your support at  http://utahstreamaccess.org [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9BDOhAyE6s]

Hidden Gem!

I was on my way to Southern Utah to meet up with some friends and family for a weekend of camping, fishing, dirtbiking and all other sorts of good times that can be had in the outdoors. I decided to take the long way there and I rolled up on this stream. I couldn't resist from throwing a fly at it. My first cast was no more then 50 feet from the car I had already hooked a fish. After releasing that fish I walked up stream 10 feet and took another few casts and again fish on. I pulled in the second fish fish of the day and with amazement of the size and beauty I quickly released the fish and  then ran back to the car grabbed my GoPro. I set it up on a timed delay at the next hole and again another fish. I caught a few more fish and then decided I better get on my way. I couldn't be happier about exploring and being willing to take the long route. It payed off huge catching some rad fish and getting to learn about a stream I have never seen. Few pics from Jared's drive to Antimony Utah

Northern Pike Addiction

This spring a handful of the Brighton Anglers had the chance to catch another species of fish on a fly rod. Northern Pike!  Kind of crazy we live so close to Pike water and how easy it is to fish for them. We all took plenty of time to learn about their habits and when the beast time to fish for them is. We all studied a bit about when they spawn, what water temps are best for fishing, how to fish for them, what  flies to use and what depths to fish at. In a whole it has been an exciting and addictive new way to fish. By far we are not experts but all of us our having fun and are hooked on trying to land a monster. Here's a few pics of our first couple of trips out. ross fumble Pike Teeth Pike Tale Luke Pike The flies Jared Fish On Christmonkey Christmonkey Christmonkey Christmonkey christmonkey Christmonkey Underwater Ross first pike Fish On Hyde Bass Boats Duckling Bryan H First Pike

Weekend Fishing Update

We have been hitting up the Provo River a bit lately. Its been cold but fish are staying active. We've found success in the morning on little brown and green streamers. Then as the day goes on we move to fishing the top water with little black midges and bwo flies. The Blue Wing hatch isn't here quiet yet but any day now. I would suggest running a peasant tail nymph as a point fly under your dry and you may increase your numbers. Have fun and take the time to look around you might see some wild life. Brown Trout



Furry Thing



Trav and the chubs

The Take

Fish On!

Luke Cleaning up the forest


Green River Fishin

I went to the Green this last weekend and fished the B section right at Little Hole. To sum it up, the fishing wasn't that great. The weather was in between cycles, there was a couple inches of snow on the ground and the fish were hunkered down, with an occasional rise or two. At least I managed to swoop this beauty rainbow from a deep pooling eddy. Can't wait for the nice Spring weather to come around that makes for some great fishing.


Jon's Fish Tales

First 2 weeks of Dec. on the Dolores, met an 85-year-old cat who let us pitch our tents on his land 100 feet from the river! We got a late start and the sun was falling fast, after driving every dirt road, side road, nook and cranny we could find not a single boondock camp site, with almost no light left on our way back to the highway we noticed an old man working on a pretty good-sized log after finally getting it onto his chopping block he reaches for this giant double-edged axe and takes a good whack, wiggles it free and does this bent old man side shuffle to the other side and whack again, amazingly the log splits and the axe sticks into the chopping block! With nowhere to camp yet and no light left I go talk to him hoping he might let us pitch our tents on his land, Knowing the campgrounds were closed for the winter and how desperate we where he asked in his soft raspy old voice, how tough are ya? a slight panic came over me as he grins, then he says ya know it's going to be less than 20 deg. tonight! after a good chuckle and a little fish chat he pointed us to a corner where he had a fire pit and said don't freeze. Woke up the next morning,  no sign of old Ben so we chopped about 20 logs apiece and went fishing!

Cold Weekend On The Green River

Luke, Travis, Terry and I all woke up early Saturday and rallied through the snow to Dutch John. It was wild showing up to Little Hole with 4" of snow all over with no other person in sight. We scored! The sun was out and fish were slurping on midges. It didn't take us to long to hook in to our first fish. Travis the cast master was the man over the weekend. He had the flies, the presentation and skills to catch the most fish. It was a unique trip. Staying at the Flaming Gorge Resort and being the only crew in town. The storm must have keep all other fisher men in their warm beds for the weekend. It was cold out there but well worth it. We all had fun and were stoked we went. Here's some photos of our adventure and some wildlife we saw along the way.

Help protect our river rights.

The 2013 legislative session starts TODAY!

It is URGENT that we all contact our Representatives right NOW to OPPOSE HB68!!

The assault on public stream access has already begun behind closed doors! House Bill 68 [HB68] WILL lock down Utah's public waters to private interests. TODAY is the time to make a final stand. This is it folks, the battle to unshackle public water will NOT get another chance if HB68 is not passionately opposed by the masses right NOW.

Reasons to OPPOSE HB68

It is a direct attack on our 1st lawsuit in the Heber 4th District court. Rep. McIff is attempting to backdoor the public trust doctrine by claiming that the legislature, as trustee, has accomplished its duties by enacting HB141 "Public Waters Access Act", which we all know did notbenefit the public. HB68 also attempts to create a private property right out of water rights to attempt to strengthen McIff and Farm Bureau "taking" claim and intertwine public trust and appropriated water with access/USE. In a nut shell, McIff is effectively making an "end-run" around the judiciary by proposing this legislation.

Reasons to SUPPORT compromise USAC language

It ends the 2 lawsuits and ends the question of ownership of stream beds, which is protecting private property rights, without attempting to define public trust doctrine in Utah which is currently undefined, making HB68 unnecessary. It is fair and balanced and limits access points to those at public right of ways and to existing or future walk in access with the DWR (aside from public land). The 6" diameter and 6' long log test proposed will eliminate the smaller waters running through rancher's fields and draws. We have pushed this type of language for 4 years and now is the time to have compromise rather than fighting.

What you can to do help right NOW

  1. Find your district Representative
  2. Contact your representative
  3. Urge them to OPPOSE HB68
  4. Urge them to SUPPORT USAC compromise
  5. Go to the Capitol and meet with your Representative
  6. Get a friend to do the same