Green River

Cold Weekend On The Green River

Luke, Travis, Terry and I all woke up early Saturday and rallied through the snow to Dutch John. It was wild showing up to Little Hole with 4" of snow all over with no other person in sight. We scored! The sun was out and fish were slurping on midges. It didn't take us to long to hook in to our first fish. Travis the cast master was the man over the weekend. He had the flies, the presentation and skills to catch the most fish. It was a unique trip. Staying at the Flaming Gorge Resort and being the only crew in town. The storm must have keep all other fisher men in their warm beds for the weekend. It was cold out there but well worth it. We all had fun and were stoked we went. Here's some photos of our adventure and some wildlife we saw along the way.

Weekend On The Green River

It's been a while since Nicole and I went on a camping/fishing trip just the two of us. We only had a couple days and wanted to make sure we got to spend it with each other. We decided to grab the pontoon boats and head to the Green River below Fontenelle in Wyoming. We floated the river on Saturday and then waded the River on Sunday. We had great success and both of us really enjoyed ourselves. The Flies we had the best luck with were Platte River Spiders and SOS Nymphs. Here's a few photos to show you our mini vacation. Enjoy!

The Campsite

The Sunset From The First Night

The First Fish Of The Trip

Nicoles First Fish Of The Trip

The Sunrise

Nicole Taking A Break From Fishing

The Last Fish Of The Trip.

Wyoming Fish Hunting

A bunch of the Brighton Anglers hit up the Green River for a mans weekend fishing trip. It was full of beer drinking and fish catching good times. It was a fun trip full of amazing scenery and all kinds of deer, antelope, cows, raccoons, bald eagles and other wildlife playing in and around the river. Pretty awesome experience. Enjoy the mega post of photos.


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Green River Fishing Update

We spent a couple of days on the Green River in Wyoming this week. I love that place. We started with a full day float and then realized its better to wade. So we floated to the good zones and got off the boats then caught some hogs. It was well worth the trip. The hot flies were Platte River Spiders and Red or Orange Zebra Midges. We caught Rainbows, Browns, Cutts of course White fish and a random Lake Trout. I would suggest you make the trip. Fish On!

Flaming Gorge Lake Trout

I wonder if one of these guys would creep in to the Green River? How fun would that we to catch on a fly rod! Check out a couple of the photos from the Utah DNR Facebook page of the gill net survey of Antelope Flat. Matt McKell shows off one of 12 lake trout netted at Antelope Flat. This is a 23 pounder.

Ian Kennedy shows a big lake trout from this morning's gill netting trek at Antelope Flat.

First of many fishing trips to Wyoming this summer!

Our first trip up to the Green River in Wyoming wasn't the most successful fishing trip we have ever had. But it was a valuable trip non the less. New friends were made, Wyoming fishing licenses were bought and fishing tips were shared. In all we had a great time and are talking about the next adventure up North. Here's a few photos from our quick 36 hour trip. Day one we floated the Green River.

Day Two we hit up Ham's Fork. We heard of people pulling 20"+ bows out of it. Had to give it a shot!