2018 Weber River FISH FOR GARBAGE River Clean Up

2018 Weber River FISH FOR GARBAGE River Clean Up

Based off our recent years’ success working with Fish for Garbage and several suggestions for other rivers to help with cleaning up around the Wasatch Front we began to look for a second location.  Then with the extensive enthusiasm and drive from Melissa Bengimen we decided on the Weber River near Morgan, Utah.  As we always choose the Saturday closest to Earth Day with the Provo River cleanup we used National Clean Up Day for our first annual Weber River Clean up.

2018 Annual Provo River Clean Up Thanks!

2018 Annual Provo River Clean Up Thanks!

Every year outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Provo River to enjoy the fruits of Mother Nature for months on end.  The Brighton Anglers are no exception.  With this being said, Brighton Anglers teamed up with Fish For Garbage three years ago to create an event that gives back to the river we love and use so much.

2018 Annual Provo River Clean Up

Join us this Saturday April 21st for a group clean up on the lower Provo River. Show up when you can. We will be at the park giving out trash bags from 9AM to 2:00PM. There's a free BBQ Lunch for participants starting at 12:00PM. Awards & Raffle at 2:30PM. Vivian Park Pavilion 1 in Provo Canyon. Attendees are requested to safely collect trash along the Provo River and deliver it to Vivian Park. In exchange for their garbage, they will be given 1 voucher for a free lunch (redeemed between 12:00 and 2PM) and a prize drawing ticket. The prize drawing will be held at 2:30PM. Must be present to win!

We have secured more than a dozen sponsors that include fly shops, outfitters, fly fishing equipment and apparel manufacturers, and local businesses. These sponsors will provide prizes, food, and other event support personnel and services.

Brighton Anglers and Fish For Garbage promotes a simple concept: Fill your fishing net full of garbage every time you leave the river after fishing. To learn more about Fish for Garbage check out their Instagram page found at @fishforgarbage

Huge thanks sponsors for providing prizes.

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IRON FLY Official Unofficial F3T AFTER PARTY!


Join us after the SLC F3T movie premier. Don't have a ticket to F3T we have your back. We will be showing past F3T videos while we wait for the more organized movie goers finish up with the actual premier. Do you think you are the shit at tying flies?  Do you have the newest secret fly or hard to get materials?  Are you so fucking bad ass that you can cure UV glue by merely looking at it?  Do you think you have what it takes to carry the title "IRON FLY Champion"?  Do you like to party?  Well if so then you might want to grab a couple of your best friends (newbies preferred) and check out an IRON FLY.

IRON FLY is fly tying meets Iron Chef as tiers compete in a battle of partying skills and bobbin prowess to make the ultimate fish snack from the same set of mystery ingredients.  Race against your liver and your competitors to show the panel of judges that your vice has the spice.

This is not a "fly tying tournament".  Irresponsible behavior will be loosely tolerated and asshats kicked directly in the face.


FREE ENTRY for Fly Fisherman - $10 cash for bait fisherman.

DATE: February 22nd.

TIME: 8PM-Bitchin'

LOCATION: Fisher Brewery, 


An Australian chasing trout in New Zealand.


Stalk Site Present - 4 days in the Southland NZ

By Clay Wells @clayflies

Living in Melbourne Australia, I frequent my local shop ' Hurleys Flyfishing' and have become friendly with the owner Gavin Hurley. Gavin has recently opened up a shop in Lumsden NZ where he has a holiday home which doubles as accomodation for us fisherman looking for some trophy browns. Trawling through his Facebook posts on NZ, I had to work out a window of when I could get down there and try my luck. Thankfully a 6am direct 3 hour flight into Queenstown, an airport pick up from Gav's wife Deb and an hour later driving along lakes, rivers and through valleys I am in the midst of trout Mecca.

I settled into my room, unpacked my fishing gear and set up my rig. Being so keen I had a little time to kill before Gavin was back from a morning fish to pick me up. I did a quick walkabout tour of Lumsden. A quiet little town with a small skate park, an old train line, the Lumsden Pub, a couple of cafes, supermarket, chemist and of course Hurleys Flyfishing store where you can meet and get local tips and flies from Trevor the store manager.

By 2pm Gav had us site casting to some big browns in some backwaters of the lower Oreti River. There had been a little rain the night before and the Barometer had dropped so the fishing was a little tough. The fish were spooky and sitting in close amongst the trees and shadows. It took some Tippett and fly changes before anything took but once they did we sure knew it. I have fished and landed some big fish but these browns have some fierce power that I don't think I was ready for. Watching a brown circling around to find your fly, sipping it off the surface setting the strike only to feel the rod bend, the reel scream and be busted off in a matter of seconds definitely got my adrenaline pumping. Unfortunately this was the theme for the afternoon and I was unable to bring anything to the net, but my trip was not over and I was determined to fix that outcome.

The timing for my trip was impeccable to say the least. I had managed to be over there while Gavin's wife was also there and we arrived home from fishing that night to an amazing NZ Lamb Roast. I am sure you are all aware of NZ and it's affinity with sheep, well I definitely now know why. A score of 10 lambs out of 10 and it was off to bed in preparation for the next days fishing.

We were headed to the might Mataura River around a 15 minute drive. The weather was perfect and the decision to wet wade was made. We walked a few Km's through local farm land and settled on a backwater to get the day started. The water was crystal clear. The first pool we fished had dozens of 4pound + browns patrolling it. Once again however they were mighty spooky and a couple of perfectly presented lies were all but refused at the the very last second. We changed from Gav's favourite Blue Blowfly to spent spinners, unweighted nymphs and a willow group but all were denied. My anxiety was running hard 'was I ever going to land a fish?'.

We moved up into a slightly less clear water under the cover of some willow trees. We heard the slurp of a brown, sighted the fish and Dave, the other fisherman with us cast into its patrolling zone... Waiting waiting and then BAM, the brown was off! To say there was some pressure on Dave landing this fish was an understatement. Sweat from his brow, the premature call for the net were all signs that this fish was the monkey off our backs. Thankfully the wrestle was won and the fish landed. A beautiful brown to start the account for the day

From then on the fishing lifted and we had many fights on our hands to land these brilliant browns. We moved back onto the free flowing river and transitioned from fishing nymphs to dishing up spent spinners, willow grubs and Gav's favourite blue blowfly.

To say these fish were cunning and evasive would not be a lie. One fish I hooked launched no less than 6 feet into the air, through a willow tree to freedom, busting me off and leaving me red faced..... arghhhhh.

I finally landed (after hooking and busting off around 6) my first fish of the trip by 10am on the second morning. From then on my 'performance lifted and the pressure and winding up from Gav slightly subsided.... It was on!

Walking up the river, with Gav on the stalk we would be presented an opportunity every 50m or so. Fishing slurping a grub under a willow, rising mid stream and or spotting them sitting on the bottom of a nice gravel bar. The clarity of the water was something to remember and the scenery fantastic. Not to mention the fishing! After a long day and 9km of walking at around 8:30pm we decided to head home for a local BBQ cooked by GAv. Once again, a delicious meal was served up. The beauty of NZ is at this time of year it is light at 6am and gets dark at around 10pm. If you wanted to break up your day you could easily have multiple sessions throughout and get that evening rise on dusk!

On the 3rd morning we woke to a slightly overcast day and the decision was made to go and fish the Waikai river. The river wound back and forth on itself from the access point with many opportuniotes to fish the best light possible for spotting fish. We arrived at the access point we had been beaten to the punch by a couple of guys. Luckily for us they had stopped in at Hurleys and picked up the 'Upstream' Downstream flyer on the inside of their windscreen so we knew which way to head to avoid them.

The Waikai was beautiful and we fished up until a place called Piano flat. We landed a lot of sizeable fish which were mainly on the willow grubs. There were still some bust offs but overall the odds seemed to be in our favour and another great day was had. I was surprised at how close we could get to some of these willow grub eaters and if you did startle them, how quickly they would return to post. From the fish's perspective I put it down to those willow grubs being so tasty that risk outweighs the reward :)

Below weighed in at just over 4 pound and was caught in between two willows.

On my final day we went back to the lower Mataura. It was rare to see any other fisherman however on this day the first 2 access points we went to had cars parked at them. Not to fear as Gav was there to take us to another honey hole and a brilliant day of fishing. We were working to a schedule this day as I had an 8:40pm flight back to Melbourne. We had fished up until that time every day so I felt like I was getting short changed hours when I was told we would have to leave the river by 5pm. The river was firing, fish rising everywhere and each good presentation of a willow grub was getting murdered. There was on section we rounded into a shallow gravel bar where 4 pound browns were tailing and smashing grubs off the surface. The right had edge was lined with willow trees and patrolling browns. The left was bare grass and a bubble line of spent spinners. In the 300m long section there would have been around 8 decent fish landed. I was trying to pack in as many fish as I could in those last minutes, I just had to get one more........ Thankfully right on 4:59pm Gav spotted a slurping brown. I had one opportunity and with a 'Don't F#$k it up' from Gav I laid up my group and Boom it was guzzled off the top. That fish felt like a 3 pointer in the final moment of a playoff! I was satisfied.

I loved NZ and I will be back there as soon as I can. Top things about NZ

The fishing The scenery Sleights Beer And NOOOOOOOOO Snakes!! I mean ZERO snakes. From a guy that comes from Australia and is always checking his step, this allows a lot more time to focus on my fishing!!


Letters From The Vice: Indications You Might Have a Fly Fishing "Addiction"

You have to admit we all have a small fly fishing “addiction”. That is why you are reading this blog post. One way or another fly fishing effects our thought process, actions and or rationale in funny ways for better or worse. Here are a few more indicators you might have a fly fishing “addiction”.

Voices from the River: Enhance your skills at fishing shows

Voices from the River: Enhance your skills at fishing shows

I grew up on the East Coast and fished a lot of small streams and deep hidden ponds in the White Mountains during my adolescent years. I did do a fair amount of surf casting, but I never developed the need to incorporate a double haul into my casting. This past summer I met up with the Brighton Anglers group to go to Trout Camp in northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada and learned to double haul while there. Now how do I perfect it?

Provo River Clean Up Wrap Up

We want to send out a huge thanks to everyone who got involved in our Fish For Garbage Provo River Clean Up. It was a great success. We couldn't have done it with out you... A lot of trash was taken away from the river. We filled two dumpsters and a trailer full of garbage. Amongst all the flip flops, cans and plastic bottles we found some interesting junk as well, a sunken canoe, torn raft, blown out tires, money safe, mattress and inner tubes. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy week and giving up a Saturday to help clean up after other people. We had a great time and hope you did as well. Next years clean up will be held on Earth Day May 22. Mark your calendars. :) A big shout out to our partners. Waldorf Astoria Park City, Rocky Mountain Outfitters, Flut FlyRods, Hardy Flyfishing, Cabelas, Coalatree, Wasatch Guide Service, Rising, Fish On Energy, Tenkara Rod Co., Skullcandy, GoalZero, Fish In Peace, Souplefly, Tacky, Blue Halo, Drop Jaw Flies, Flycraft, Fishwest, Utah DNR, Trout Unlimited, Pepsi, Redbull and Cameron Kirby for making a sweet little edit of the day...


Provo River CleanUp and BBQ


This years Fish For Garbage river cleanup event will be held on May 7th, 2015 from 7AM to 3PM. Lunch at 12:00PM. Awards & Raffle at 2:30PM. Vivian Park Pavilion 1 in Provo Canyon.

Attendees are requested to safely collect trash along the Provo River and deliver it to Vivian Park Pavilion 1. In exchange for their garbage, they will be given 1 voucher for a free lunch (redeemed between 12:00 and 2PM) and a prize drawing ticket. The prize drawing will be held at 2:30PM. Must be present to win. No family members, sponsors, or organizers are eligible.

We have secured more than a dozen sponsors that include fly shops, fly fishing equipment and apparel manufacturers, and local businesses. These sponsors will provide prizes, food, and other event support personnel and services.

Fish For Garbage promotes a simple concept: Fill your fishing net full of garbage every time you leave the river after fishing. They have created an Instagram page found at @fishforgarbage.

Limited information is also available at www.fishforgarbage.org.

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CANADA EH! Brighton Anglers / RL Trout Camp Road Trip

Join the Brighton Anglers on a Canadian bound road trip to RL Trout Camp. www.troutcamp.com If huge trout, monster pike and a little adventure is your thing then you don't want to miss this opportunity. This July we're loading up the van and heading North. We have arranged a killer group rate and are now working to fill guest spots. If you would like to join us on a trip of a lifetime and fish with the crew email the Captain. Jared@brightonanglers.com

First come first serve! Limited spots available. 


July 10th - 16th (Arrive on the 10th/leave on 16th)

5 days / 6 nights  ........... $1500 per person*

*Not including tips and transportation.


- Natural log cabins equipped with modern amenities

- Daily maid service

- Meals and shore lunches

- Native guide

- Motorized boat with gas / 2 guests per boat

- Fish processing

Note: Rate quoted above are in U.S. funds.

A deposit of $500 per person is required to hold your fishing reservation. Fishing licenses are not included in the package price and may be purchased at the store in the main lodge.