Letters From The Vice: Indications You Might Have a Fly Fishing "Addiction"

Originally Posted on Fishwest we wanted to share our concerns for our fellow anglers:

You have to admit we all have a small fly fishing “addiction”. That is why you are reading this blog post. Subtle signs are eating lunch while working so you can shop for materials during your lunch hour to maximize vice time that night. Sending all your fly fishing magazines to work so your significant other does not realize you are spending $500+ annually on print publications of glorified “fish porn”. One way or another fly fishing effects our thought process, actions and or rationale in funny ways for better or worse. Here are a few more indicators you might have a fly fishing “addiction”. Warning some are a little more extreme than others.

  • The local TU Chapter meeting is on your work calendar as a mandatory monthly meeting under fund raising for life goals.
  • Planning your wedding when the Roosters are running in Mexico because it’s the “Perfect Time of Year” for a wedding on the Baja coast.
  • Going into the bathroom noticing some fly fishing materials that fell off your shoes from last week and knowing exactly what fly it came from and how you could improve your technique the next time you are on the vice.

"Tail could be so much better."

  • Receiving a text from a friend with a link to a news report of a horrible accident near a river and scanning through the images to see if the accident scene photos show the run off levels.
  • Shopping at your significant other's favorite crafting store with the intention of finding strong grade wire for articulated fly patterns while acting 110% interested in their hobby.

"Honey, where is the closest JoAnnes in Upstate New York?"

  • You quit your job of 8 years and move to Montana to “Figure It Out”.

"Maybe I should update my resume."

  • Having children, in your mind, is creating more fishing buddies.
  • You are on a bucket list fishing trip and you are dreaming of other trips you need to be on.

"Man, I wish we were in South America right now."

  • Passing on your annual family vacation to go on the “trip of a lifetime” to Canada even though you went to the same place the year prior.

"Disneyland is lame."

  • Your pending divorce, a result of your Fly Fishing addiction, is not seen as sad but as an opportunity to have more time to go fly fishing…..