Hams Fork

Fly Fishing With Frogs

Sean from Dead Drifters and I went North to Wyoming for a couple of days of fishing this week. Thinking we would be throwing hoppers. We were wrong! To our surprise there were more frogs jumping around then hoppers. Luckily Sean had a couple bright green meaty streamers that looked kind of like a frogs. With only a few casts to the far bank and strips across the river the first fish was on. We worked the water pretty quick and searched out the fish that would take our frogs. We both hooked in to some hogs and both lost some monsters. The rainbow trout love the frogs.

Hams Fork fishing update

We went up to Hams Fork on Tuesday. The water was effected by run off making it a little high and off color. We still hammered through the conditions and hooked on to a few good fish. Mostly Rainbow trout but Sean Boss hooked in to a nice 24" Brown to end the day. It was a fun trip but I would recommend giving that spot a few weeks for the river to calm down.


First of many fishing trips to Wyoming this summer!

Our first trip up to the Green River in Wyoming wasn't the most successful fishing trip we have ever had. But it was a valuable trip non the less. New friends were made, Wyoming fishing licenses were bought and fishing tips were shared. In all we had a great time and are talking about the next adventure up North. Here's a few photos from our quick 36 hour trip. Day one we floated the Green River.

Day Two we hit up Ham's Fork. We heard of people pulling 20"+ bows out of it. Had to give it a shot!