Rainbow Trout

Deschutes River Fishing Report

Mouse, JP and I hit up the Deschutes River last week while at MT Hood for a work conference. We were hoping the big bugs were out and the fish were keying in on them. When we showed up to Maupin we couldn't be more pleased to hear from the guys at the Deschutes Anglers Fly Shop that the bugs are everywhere and the fish are looking up. We talked a little shop and picked up a few flies in exchange for some local knowledge then went on our way down stream. The day started off well seeing fish jumping during the time we were setting up our gear. We were excited and scurried down the path to the river to give it a go. With in a few minuets JP had a strike and a miss. Then a few minutes later I hooked in to my first bow of the day. I fished that same run for about an hour and picked up a handful of fish. It was so much fun. Even a 14" fish is a fight and will give you a run for your money. I then headed up-stream to catch up with JP and Mouse to hear they both had similar success. At that point I was stoked and knew the day was going to be epic. We fished until the sun went down. We caught a fair amount of fish and missed a handful too. In all it was well worth the trip and each one of us couldn't have asked a better adventure. Enjoy the pics. Deschutes Angler Mt Jefferson bugs Jareds First Bow Minow Mouse Casting Junk Fish JP Fish On JP Fish Jareds Red Side Golden Stone GeeseRainbow Snake

Cold Weekend On The Green River

Luke, Travis, Terry and I all woke up early Saturday and rallied through the snow to Dutch John. It was wild showing up to Little Hole with 4" of snow all over with no other person in sight. We scored! The sun was out and fish were slurping on midges. It didn't take us to long to hook in to our first fish. Travis the cast master was the man over the weekend. He had the flies, the presentation and skills to catch the most fish. It was a unique trip. Staying at the Flaming Gorge Resort and being the only crew in town. The storm must have keep all other fisher men in their warm beds for the weekend. It was cold out there but well worth it. We all had fun and were stoked we went. Here's some photos of our adventure and some wildlife we saw along the way.

Bryan's December Fatty's

Its been a while since we have thrown up some pics. With the winter coming it sucks to say we have been busy at the resort getting prepared for the winter season. Most of the Brighton anglers have been working and snowboarding more then fishing. But Bryan has stayed committed to fishing. Now that there's enough snow to start sledding I think he may cut down to only one or two days a week. Here's a few pics from Bry over the last couple weeks.


Fly Fishing With Frogs

Sean from Dead Drifters and I went North to Wyoming for a couple of days of fishing this week. Thinking we would be throwing hoppers. We were wrong! To our surprise there were more frogs jumping around then hoppers. Luckily Sean had a couple bright green meaty streamers that looked kind of like a frogs. With only a few casts to the far bank and strips across the river the first fish was on. We worked the water pretty quick and searched out the fish that would take our frogs. We both hooked in to some hogs and both lost some monsters. The rainbow trout love the frogs.

Weekend On The Green River

It's been a while since Nicole and I went on a camping/fishing trip just the two of us. We only had a couple days and wanted to make sure we got to spend it with each other. We decided to grab the pontoon boats and head to the Green River below Fontenelle in Wyoming. We floated the river on Saturday and then waded the River on Sunday. We had great success and both of us really enjoyed ourselves. The Flies we had the best luck with were Platte River Spiders and SOS Nymphs. Here's a few photos to show you our mini vacation. Enjoy!

The Campsite

The Sunset From The First Night

The First Fish Of The Trip

Nicoles First Fish Of The Trip

The Sunrise

Nicole Taking A Break From Fishing

The Last Fish Of The Trip.

Dog Sitting & Fishin

Last weekend while bent over flipping rocks looking for bugs this little guy snuck up on me and scared the crap out of me. We were on the Weber river in Oakley kind of far from any ranches. I felt this little guy was lost. Good thing he had tags. I called the owner and told them where we were fishing on a voice mail. An hour of so later we heard some dude yelling for his dog. Then the pup ran off. No thank you but our reward is knowing the dog made it back home. Im thinking this is the first time the pup has seen a fish. Kind of fun being a dog owner for a short time.  


Colorado Fishing!

Jon and his friend Nate have been taking some journeys across the boarder in to Colorado. They have found a sweet little spring creek full of healthy fish. Im told the days are full of count less fish. I couldn't get him to tell me exactly where but I am told its easy to find with google maps. So if your into a little adventure from Utah head East and explore a bit. Im going to give it a shot.  


Wyoming Fish Hunting

A bunch of the Brighton Anglers hit up the Green River for a mans weekend fishing trip. It was full of beer drinking and fish catching good times. It was a fun trip full of amazing scenery and all kinds of deer, antelope, cows, raccoons, bald eagles and other wildlife playing in and around the river. Pretty awesome experience. Enjoy the mega post of photos.


Thats it. Thanks for viewing.



2 Foot Long Rainbow

A few of us hit up the Weber River behind Bryan's house on Sunday. Right of the get go we were in to fish. It seamed like fish were everywhere. We couldn't have asked for a better fishing conditions. I was pretty stoked thinking I pulled off another " Utah Grand Slam" day of fishing. (Utah Grand Slam is when you catch 4 or more species of trout in one day) We were catching 14"-18" Cutts, Brooks, Bows and Browns with an occasional White Fish. Then I hooked in to this pig. It gave me one heck of a fight. I wasn't thinking I was going to get into fish this size so I only brought my 2wt with 6x tippet. After the first few runs I was thinking there's no way I'm going to be able to pull this guy in. It ran me up and down the river. I really regretted not having my net. After working her until there was no more fight in her I was able to scoop her up into my chest and hold on for life. I handed off my rod and removed the fly from its mouth and tried to keep a hold of this beast. She still had some fight left in her and didn't want to get her photo taken. We all had a good laugh and got some photos then put her back in the water. Within a couple of seconds of being placed back in the water she was gone. We fished for a few more hours, caught some more fish and finished off the day with some beers at the car. One of the best days fishing in my life!

Idaho Dirtbiking & Fishing

Headed up to Idaho for a long weekend of adventure. Started off with a couple of days of Dirtbiking with friends in St. Anthony's and then Bryan and I went a little further north to Island Park to hit up the Henry's Fork Opening. It turned out to be a super fun trip. We fished in crazy wind and fished for super picky trout. We caught a few hogs and got a lot of sand in our pants. Here's a stack a photos of the trip. Enjoy!

Oregon Fly Fishing Deschutes River

While driving home from a work conference in Mt Hood Oregon I went on a solo fly fishing adventure. I knew the Salmon Fly hatch was moving up the Deschutes so I headed South to Warm Springs. I arrived to find plenty of bugs but also plenty of fly fisherman too. I wasn't the only one looking to get some big bug action. I didn't let the crowds get me down. I booted up and tied on a tan Chernobyl Ant and figured I would see if I could find me a fish. Right off the bat I got a few misses. This bummed me out. Then while swapping flies I saw a fish rise in less than a foot of water. While not expecting much I casted that way and within seconds fish on. It was  a 20" or so Red Side. It was a beast, he ran down stream almost to my backing. I did the best I could to not over play him but he was to much of a match for me and got away. Thinking this may be my only chance at a good fish all weekend I was upset. This meant beer time. While drinking a beer and going over how I blew it I decided to walk even further down stream and look for a new zone. I found a good looking run that I could wade out to and get a good back cast. I didn't see any surface action but figured I would go to work. After a few casts fish on. It was a little guy but still got the stink off me. I was back in the game. I fished this zone and ended up hooking 4 reds out of the one hole. The best fish was a 18" football. Each one of those fish were little firecrackers. They had some much power for their size. I had a lot of fun. I was getting hungry so I decided to head back to the truck for a snack. While walking back to the truck I notice all kinds of trucks showing up to camp and fish. I didn't want to leave but figured Saturday was going to be a junk show. I decided I would do some exploring. I headed South East towards the Owyhee River. To be continued...