Owyhee River Fish & Camp Trip

Each year we try to at least make one trip to Southern Oregon to hit up the Owyhee river. There's a 11 mile stretch of hungry Brown Trout infested water. The Browns in this section are the most picky fish I have ever fished for. But they are all large and they like to eat. So once you figure it out you're in for a good time. We really enjoy fishing this river because you sight fish. We wait and watch for fish and cast dry flies to them. It's challenging because these fish know whats up. So you tippet down and change flies often to find the one that a particular fish will eat. The challenge is worth it when you pull in a 18" brown caught with a size 22 midge using 6X tippet. This area does get a fair amount of pressure from fisherman so when fishing expect to see plenty of other fisherman. Be respectable and wait your turn. The fish aren't going anywhere and they seem to come back very quick. We don't cover a lot of water we change-up more and keep catching fish out of the same holes. Here's a few pics from our adventure. Fish On! Jared Casting Golden Brown Camp Fire1 Fire2 DCIM101GOPRO Callibeatis DCIM101GOPRO Colorful Adipose Fin Branden Set Branden With a Slab Branden teeth Browndrip2 Jared Brown BloodWorm Sunset Mouse Sunset fishing Jared Casting Sunset Mouse Fish On Mouse Getting Bent Mouse Graming Mouse Jared Casting Hooked up chin Mouse Gold Mouse Brown Trout Underwater Release

Hidden Gem!

I was on my way to Southern Utah to meet up with some friends and family for a weekend of camping, fishing, dirtbiking and all other sorts of good times that can be had in the outdoors. I decided to take the long way there and I rolled up on this stream. I couldn't resist from throwing a fly at it. My first cast was no more then 50 feet from the car I had already hooked a fish. After releasing that fish I walked up stream 10 feet and took another few casts and again fish on. I pulled in the second fish fish of the day and with amazement of the size and beauty I quickly released the fish and  then ran back to the car grabbed my GoPro. I set it up on a timed delay at the next hole and again another fish. I caught a few more fish and then decided I better get on my way. I couldn't be happier about exploring and being willing to take the long route. It payed off huge catching some rad fish and getting to learn about a stream I have never seen. Few pics from Jared's drive to Antimony Utah

Cold Weekend On The Green River

Luke, Travis, Terry and I all woke up early Saturday and rallied through the snow to Dutch John. It was wild showing up to Little Hole with 4" of snow all over with no other person in sight. We scored! The sun was out and fish were slurping on midges. It didn't take us to long to hook in to our first fish. Travis the cast master was the man over the weekend. He had the flies, the presentation and skills to catch the most fish. It was a unique trip. Staying at the Flaming Gorge Resort and being the only crew in town. The storm must have keep all other fisher men in their warm beds for the weekend. It was cold out there but well worth it. We all had fun and were stoked we went. Here's some photos of our adventure and some wildlife we saw along the way.

Bryan's December Fatty's

Its been a while since we have thrown up some pics. With the winter coming it sucks to say we have been busy at the resort getting prepared for the winter season. Most of the Brighton anglers have been working and snowboarding more then fishing. But Bryan has stayed committed to fishing. Now that there's enough snow to start sledding I think he may cut down to only one or two days a week. Here's a few pics from Bry over the last couple weeks.


Hunting Seasons Open!

This past weekend was the opening of the rifle dear hunt in Utah. We decided to go hunting Brighton Anglers style. In search of Big Browns. We pulled in a few and missed a few others. In all it was a fun weekend and we didn't get shot at.

Fly Fishing With Frogs

Sean from Dead Drifters and I went North to Wyoming for a couple of days of fishing this week. Thinking we would be throwing hoppers. We were wrong! To our surprise there were more frogs jumping around then hoppers. Luckily Sean had a couple bright green meaty streamers that looked kind of like a frogs. With only a few casts to the far bank and strips across the river the first fish was on. We worked the water pretty quick and searched out the fish that would take our frogs. We both hooked in to some hogs and both lost some monsters. The rainbow trout love the frogs.

Wyoming Fish Hunting

A bunch of the Brighton Anglers hit up the Green River for a mans weekend fishing trip. It was full of beer drinking and fish catching good times. It was a fun trip full of amazing scenery and all kinds of deer, antelope, cows, raccoons, bald eagles and other wildlife playing in and around the river. Pretty awesome experience. Enjoy the mega post of photos.


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Tip Of The Week! Spot Check Castle Lake

Temps are crazy hot in Utah. So a few of us decided to head to the Uinta National Forest. This place is known for hundreds of lakes full of hungry trout. The trick is to find one all to yourself. I had a good hunch where we could find one. Castle Peak and Lake. We hit this zone a lot in the winter on our snowmobiles and I was excited to see what it looked like without any snow. After an hour of 4X4ing we found the trailhead and camp spot. Good sign with you don't see any other cars at the end of the road. After about a mile hike we were at the lake. We were stoked to arrive and not see any other people and to see fish rising. We quickly set up our rods and it was on. Sight fishing to fish you see near the shore or rising fish out in the lake. We caught Brooke's, Cutt's and Tiger trout. After walking around the whole lake we decided to hike a little further and head up to the peak and check out the view. It was well worth it. The view was spectacular. Nicole and I shared a beer and then decided to head back to camp to grab some food. This was a fun zone and I would recommend you checking it out. But don't just trust google maps. I think there are a few lakes in the Uintas named Castle Lake. Have fun exploring.

2 Foot Long Rainbow

A few of us hit up the Weber River behind Bryan's house on Sunday. Right of the get go we were in to fish. It seamed like fish were everywhere. We couldn't have asked for a better fishing conditions. I was pretty stoked thinking I pulled off another " Utah Grand Slam" day of fishing. (Utah Grand Slam is when you catch 4 or more species of trout in one day) We were catching 14"-18" Cutts, Brooks, Bows and Browns with an occasional White Fish. Then I hooked in to this pig. It gave me one heck of a fight. I wasn't thinking I was going to get into fish this size so I only brought my 2wt with 6x tippet. After the first few runs I was thinking there's no way I'm going to be able to pull this guy in. It ran me up and down the river. I really regretted not having my net. After working her until there was no more fight in her I was able to scoop her up into my chest and hold on for life. I handed off my rod and removed the fly from its mouth and tried to keep a hold of this beast. She still had some fight left in her and didn't want to get her photo taken. We all had a good laugh and got some photos then put her back in the water. Within a couple of seconds of being placed back in the water she was gone. We fished for a few more hours, caught some more fish and finished off the day with some beers at the car. One of the best days fishing in my life!

Thanks For Teaching Me To Fish Dad

These photos from the late 70's make me smile. There of my dad Rick on one of our many family camping trips. Dad was always taking us kids fishing. As I grew up it was something we both enjoyed doing together. I have many fond memories of camping, hiking and fishing with my dad. My passion for fly fishing and recreating is handed down from him. I love and miss you dad.


Oregon Fly Fishing Owyhee River

Day 2 of my solo fly fishing adventure landed me at the Owyhee river below the Owyhee Reservoir. This river is unique! I have heard good things about huge brown trout in this river. At first sight of the river I am disappointed. The water is green! I figured I'm pretty low in the canyon and it must clear up around the dam. I keep driving and the water color stays the same. I'm thinking to my self I wasted a few hours last night driving here. I get all the way to the Owyhee Reservoir and the lake is green too. I'm bummed! Thinking there's no way I'm going to catch any fish in this dingy water. I was a good 7 hours from home and paid the money for a daily fishing license so I figured I would at least give it a try. I found a good zone and tied on some nymphs. I fish my way up through the run  and no luck. When reaching the top of the run I figure I was almost done. I then decided to fish my way back to the truck and head out. I tied on my sink tip leader and a Platte River Spider (baby brown trout streamer). I make a few casts and then slam fish on. I'm suppressed! I strip back a 12" brown trout. I let him go and take a few steps down river and make a couple more cats. Slam again another fish. This guy was a beast. This is why I made the trip. He owned me and ended up getting away. I was blown away. I was about to quit. I repeat the process for the next couple hours. Catching fish all the way down the river. I was having a blast. Never have I had such success swinging a streamer. Around 1:30 I start to see fish slurping. There was some kind of hatch going on but I couldn't be bothered. I had a working set up and decided to stick to it. While walking down stream catching fish and watching fish go wild on the top of the water mad me a firm believer that this is truly a world class river. I fished until around 6:30 starting to get hungry and knowing I had a long drive ahead I decided to pack it up. I would recommend that everyone makes a trip here some day. River access is easy and also there's a lot of campsites next to the water. I think it would be a fun weekend trip.