6 Reasons Why New York’s Salmon River in Oct is like a 30” February Powder Day

Since there hasn't been much snow this past month its got us thinking about fishing. The Dyer has been reflecting on a recent trip to New York and how it compares to a powder day snowboarding.

  1. There are no friends on a Powder or River Day
    1. You fall behind you get left behind
  2. All human decency and societal norms are thrown to the side
    1. Cutting the lift line, slowly forcing someone out of  a hole and general politeness seems not to be an option
  3. Claiming how you got their soooo early to get the best hole or first chair is more important than the size of fish you caught or epic powder run.  You know the type of person I am talking about.
  4. Everyone comes out of the woodwork
    1. Haven’t seen “Bill” since your last day of junior high? Come to that first 30” powder day or the first weekend of the salmon run and chances are you will see him there!
  5. Every form of equipment is used no matter how old or nonfunctional it is
    1. Powder hounds and fish bums live on budgets. Some of these budgets ran out in the mid 90’s
  6. Getting a guide might help with the experience. Finding that secret pow stash or fishing hole is just a short $400 away…. Not including tip.