Another Green River Fish Trip

Mouse and myself went on a little adventure for a couple days up on the Green river in Wyoming this last week. It was both of our first times on the river up there so we didn't know much of where to go or what to fish. Good thing we did our homework the day prior to leaving and found out what the fishies were eating. Catching chubby carnivorous cutthroats and rainbows for a couple of days was well worth the trip up north. check out the photos and view the beauty.  

Arriving at the camp zone!

Had to celebrate our arrival with whiskey!

We landed in camp pretty late, it was time to make a fire. We had some raging fires goin!

Mouse forgot his coffee cup, so he had to use the prior nights beer can instead, haha watch them lips!

Mouse gettin bent in a nice hole! Pulled in a nice trout!

Mouse and his good fish with that munched up spawn tail!

Relaxation on the mighty Green.

Hooked up into a nice chubby rainbow. This guy took me for a fight!

This Cutty sure liked my streamer

Mouse landed this beaut on a HUGE streamer! Shows how aggressive these fish are. Was a fighter!

Release that bad boy!

I catch...

And I release!

We caught a bunch of these bottom feeder suckers! Bummed

It's such a good feeling to catch nice fish on flies you've made yourself! Fish Approved!

This was my biggest fish of the trip, maybe ever on a river! Stoked to have met that fish.

That concludes our adventure to the mighty Green in Wyoming!

Fishing just became my full time job, so watch out for those posts.