Tip Of The Week: Lifeproof Case

Todays tip is more of a product review. But I think it pretty cool and love to using it. The LIFEPROOF iPhone case!

I was fishing with my buddy Tad. He pulled out his iPhone to take a photo of a fish and whoops he dropped it in the river. After trying all the tricks to dry it out he ended up having to replace it. I didn't want to make the same mistake and went looking for a water proof case. Mouse put me on to the LIFEPROOF case. Its pretty bomber. After doing some research on web, watching videos of people taking it snorkeling and filming fish under water I had to get it. I could not be any happier. I take mine fishing with no worries and love to play around and take under water photos. I don't have any stress about dropping it in or out of the water. If you use your phone to listen to music while fishing or to take photos I would suggest grabbing one of these guys.