Casting For A Cure With Fly Fishing Frenzy

Our friends at Fly Fishing Frenzy are trying to raise money for Casting 4 a Cure. They are donating all profits from their first 100 shirts sold on their website to Casting 4 a Cure. (Rett Syndrome) *Bonus Contest* The first 100 people to order a shirt will be entered into a drawing to win a ContourRoam HD Camera.

Frenzy Shop and Casting 4 A Cure

Something tasty just came off the screen print!  Frenzy shirts are here and we want to help out a group that we have known for quite a while.

We have, are, and always will be big advocates of Casting 4 A Cure.  It is a fantastic organization representing a great cause.

So, what we are going to do is donate to Casting for a Cure all profit from the first 100 items sold from our Frenzy Shop!

Here is their story:

It was a rainy day in December 2007 when Beth and Bill Farnum learned their daughter, Ella, had Rett Syndrome.

Within months, Bill figured out how to combine his newest passion, curing Rett Syndrome, with his oldest one: fishing. His idea was to organize a small fly fishing trip for a few friends and ask for donations in return.

Bill soon realized he needed a partner to pull off such a feat. This partner had to be someone who could get equally as excited about a fundraising adventure. Enter Jim Copeland, Bill’s long-time fishing buddy. Jim jumped on board and together they organized the perfect outing. They would take a handful of friends and head to Steamboat Springs for a weekend filled with fishing, poker, and lots of good laughs.

There was just one problem. This idea was too good for just a handful of friends. Everyone who heard about the trip wanted in. And because these are the last guys to turn down a party, Bill and Jim’s vision has since turned into a 24-team competition featuring live music, corporate sponsors, and endless camaraderie. But despite all the growth and good times, the ultimate goal remains crystal clear: casting for a cure.

Over the last three years, Casting 4 A Cure has grown into a multi-faceted, non-profit organization that raises critical funds for research and to support families affected by Rett Syndrome.   Since its inception, Casting 4 A Cure has raised over $125,000 for Rett Syndrome research and family support.”

This cause is too great to not support!

Get a Frenzy shirt and support a great cause!