East Canyon Creek & Upper Provo Fishing Report

I had a few hours to kill after taking the morning off to go to the dentist. I hit up Bryan who was on his day off to meet me at the river. We started at Kimball Creek just above the golf course. At first site we notice the water level looked a bit higher then normal and that it looked a little dirty. Kind of a caramel color. Still Figured we would give it a shot. Fished it for about 45 minutes. Bry hooked in to a couple a fish but both of us felt that it should have been better then it was. I think Kimball Creek is going to be dirty for the next little while with snow melt effecting it. We decided to head to the Upper Provo. Both Bryan and I set up Drys and Drops on our 7'6" 2wt rods. I went with a Elk Hair Caddis and a BH FB Pheasant Tail. Bryan went with a BWO and a Green Copper John. Both set ups proved to be effective. First hole and second cast I caught a small brown on the Caddis. Fished it for a few more minutes and then proceeded to catch up to Bryan at the money spot. I watched Bry make a few cats next to some sticks. He had mentioned he saw a nice fish flash but didn't think he could get to it with out snagging up in the sticks. He gave it a few more casts then decided either snag or fish but to go for it. It was worth the risk! Bryan hooked his nymph to this nice Cutt. This was a fun one to watch him land. He had a good fight on his hands. Bry played the Cutt end ended up getting a hand on the guy. I had a good laugh because his hip bag popped off when he bent down to grab the fish. He still keep it cool holding the fish in one hand and grabbing his bag with his other hand. After taking a couple photos and letting the guy go it was my turn to try the hole. Fished it for a bit and nothing. Went up stream to the next hole  that also had some sticks hanging in the water. No fish in the safe zone but after making the fish or snag decision I hooked up this Brown. Had a fun little fight with the guy and was pleased my 6x tippet held up. We both were pumped that the first real hole we fished had some lunkers in it. From there on we hooked up with a few other good fish and was very satisfied with the day. Not a lot of dry action but the nymphs work working well. But starting fishing at 3pm what more can you expect. Here's a few photos from the day.  Enjoy!