Fishing green drakes!

The Green Drake hatch has been poppin off lately on the Middle Provo. I've been a couple of times already and it's been off the chain, with an exception for one day. I've tied up a few different patterns that have proven to be effective. BIG foam body drakes with a parachute and some hackle are the ticket as well as some dyed green deer hair emerger/crippler patterns. Get creative when tying these patterns, the fish on the Middle see thousands of drake imitations, so make sure yours stick out from the rest. Good luck fishing, and if you haven't made it out there, get out now! These hatches are the most prolific hatches that happen in Utah. Get bent!


I wish I had more photos, but I managed to drop my Iphone in the river AGAIN. I think it's about time for that Lifeproof case!

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