The Fly Shop Alternative


In this day and age many local shops are out of business or have limited hours closing at 6pm on weekdays making it hard for the traditional 9 am to 5 pm working anglers to reach. Not to mention high priced fly shop materials are hard for the die hard angler with the part time job to purchase while maximizing their water time.TFSAltTFSAlt foam  

Hobby enthusiasts and mothers have been using the solution to these issues for decades. Fabric, hobby and crafting stores are an angler’s best friend when you are have a tight budget or cant get to a shop before it closes. From purchasing ceramic beads, to foam for hoppers they have some of the basics a fly tier needs to create some great looking flies while not breaking the bank. So next time you are looking for that variety bag of beads or pack of foam it will cost you both time and money for limited material when trying to make it to the fly shop or you can visit your local Michael’s and both of those issues will be solved.


Words by thedyeronsnow