Training Facility/ Football Practice/ We Derk Dere Hogs

Part of the crew went out to the Training Facility, way out there deep in hog country the other day. The day started out very unsuccessful and was bumming us all out. Good thing one of us was scarring a cooling full of cold beers to pass the downtime. Then finally, BAM! Mouse hooked up to two good sizable fish one after another in a good hole. Check the pictures to see these hogs i mention of. After that it seemed we caught on to the fish and stared to rip some lip and landed some footballs. Streamers of the colors green and ginger worked quite well and so did the famous SOW bug. Good times at the zone.

Got real artsy after fishin

Brighton Anglers sticker still hangin at the Betos window

Dave hooked into a nice brown!

Great BIG brown! Healthy strong fish!

Check out the jaw on that thing! Huge!

Dave with another nice brown!

Colors are insane!

This guy was a fun one to land. Fighters!

Mouse hooked up to good fish!

Thing was a beaut! This guy didn't want to come in to shore that's for sure.

Then Mouse hooked into another one right after that!

This guy was BIG! One hell of a fight with Mouse i'd say!

That concludes our Trip!

Get Bent!