Catch A Season Pass To The Canyons

I grabbed this off the Canyons Resorts blog. Its pretty fun way to try to win a season pass.

Two days ago, we dropped 200 additional Tiger Trout in Alpine Lake. Not because we needed to. But because we wanted to. However, this time there’s a catch (no pun intended). The Tiger Trout will not be the only fish calling Alpine Lake home. There’s also one 4lb Rainbow Trout taking up residence. Catch this beauty and you become the proud new owner of a Canyons Resort season pass. I’m no mathmatician, but I’m pretty sure whatever monetary value you place on your time still comes in below the cost of a season pass. If not, you should probably reevaluate how much your time is worth to you. With that in mind, make your way to Alpine Lake, rent some gear and get to work catching yourself a season pass.

Why Tiger Trout? Here are a  few of the reasons:

  • Tiger trout are a hybrid (non-reproducing) of brown trout (higher tolerance for warm water) and brook trout (higher tolerance for cold water).
  • The fish get their name from their markings that are similar in appearance to tiger stripes.
  • Tiger trout are a favorite to stock because they are hearty and aggressive which make for an enjoyable catch and release experience.
  • The fish help reduce mosquito and other airborne insect populations. The fish also serve as a food source for predatory birds and animals.

All gear, fishing, and pricing information can be found here.

*The first guest to catch, and release, the Rainbow Trout will receive a complimentary Canyons Resort season pass for 2012/2013. The Alpine Lake attendant must be notified and verify any fish caught that is believed to be the Rainbow Trout. Due to verification being required, the fish must be caught during normal hours at Alpine Lake: 10am-5pm.