Voices from the River: Enhance your skills at fishing shows

Voices from the River: Enhance your skills at fishing shows

I grew up on the East Coast and fished a lot of small streams and deep hidden ponds in the White Mountains during my adolescent years. I did do a fair amount of surf casting, but I never developed the need to incorporate a double haul into my casting. This past summer I met up with the Brighton Anglers group to go to Trout Camp in northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada and learned to double haul while there. Now how do I perfect it?

The Fly Shop Alternative


In this day and age many local shops are out of business or have limited hours closing at 6pm on weekdays making it hard for the traditional 9 am to 5 pm working anglers to reach. Not to mention high priced fly shop materials are hard for the die hard angler with the part time job to purchase while maximizing their water time.TFSAltTFSAlt foam  

Hobby enthusiasts and mothers have been using the solution to these issues for decades. Fabric, hobby and crafting stores are an angler’s best friend when you are have a tight budget or cant get to a shop before it closes. From purchasing ceramic beads, to foam for hoppers they have some of the basics a fly tier needs to create some great looking flies while not breaking the bank. So next time you are looking for that variety bag of beads or pack of foam it will cost you both time and money for limited material when trying to make it to the fly shop or you can visit your local Michael’s and both of those issues will be solved.


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Why I don't keep fish

Last week we were fishing and Bryan hooked in to this 21" lunker of a Brown. What a amazing fish. We all were stoked for Bry. We took a few pics and then let the fish get back to its business. Then two days later I was fishing the exact same hole fishing a similar fly and technique as Bryan. I hooked into a fish and after getting it in the net we were looking the fish over and noticed it had the exact same scares as the fish Bryan had caught. I always look at fish with scares and feel bad. This time I was kind of stoked because we knew this guy. This is a great example of why I don't keep fish. I like to let them go to get bigger and give other anglers the opportunity to catch the same fish. Catch And Release

Help to Keep Public Waters Accessible- Support USAC

These guys have been fighting to keep our Utah waters open for everyone. Please take the time to learn more about their cause and show them your support at  http://utahstreamaccess.org [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9BDOhAyE6s]

Brighton Anglers Limited T-Shirts

We linked up with the crew at FRESH to make a limited edition tee. Available in Charcoal and Military, $32. Head over to the shop to pick one up. Or you may be able to call in an and order one over the phone. FRESH is located in the heart of the 9th & 9th Business District.        870 E. 900 S. SLC, UT 84105

Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sunday 11am-5pm         (801) 532 3458


Goat Head Sole Spikes

Last week I wrote about a near death fishing experience and how I almost drowned from slipping on a wet log and falling in to the river. After that experience I knew I needed to get me some more traction on my boot soles. I went in to Fish Tech and my friend Christian hooked me up with a pack of Goat Head Sole Spikes. I have used the cheap studs in the past but they don't last very long. Also when they wear out you can't remove them from your soles. I'm pretty stoked on the Goat Heads. They are made of cold-forged, heat-hardened, corrosion resistant stainless steel for maximum durability. I feel they may last as long as my boots. The set came with a magnetic socket and were super easy to install. I fished with them for the first time this weekend and oh what a difference. I would recommend for your safety that you go invest $20 and buy a set. They will keep you on your feet and may prevent some nasty slips. Pick up a set at www.solespikes.com

Tip Of The Week! Spot Check Castle Lake

Temps are crazy hot in Utah. So a few of us decided to head to the Uinta National Forest. This place is known for hundreds of lakes full of hungry trout. The trick is to find one all to yourself. I had a good hunch where we could find one. Castle Peak and Lake. We hit this zone a lot in the winter on our snowmobiles and I was excited to see what it looked like without any snow. After an hour of 4X4ing we found the trailhead and camp spot. Good sign with you don't see any other cars at the end of the road. After about a mile hike we were at the lake. We were stoked to arrive and not see any other people and to see fish rising. We quickly set up our rods and it was on. Sight fishing to fish you see near the shore or rising fish out in the lake. We caught Brooke's, Cutt's and Tiger trout. After walking around the whole lake we decided to hike a little further and head up to the peak and check out the view. It was well worth it. The view was spectacular. Nicole and I shared a beer and then decided to head back to camp to grab some food. This was a fun zone and I would recommend you checking it out. But don't just trust google maps. I think there are a few lakes in the Uintas named Castle Lake. Have fun exploring.

Tip Of The Week. FISH BIRD

I love this t-shirt. Have you ever sat and casted to a rising fish and it couldn't be bothered even looking at your fly? Did you have the thought that its rising out of the water to flip you off? I sure have! I came across this shirt from Coalatree and had to get my order in. If you want one to you can get them at Karmaloop.

Tip Of The Week: Adventure Beers

I'm stoked that Miller/Coors is making these resealable 16 oz beer cans. They work great for fishing and other fun outdoor activities. The advantage is you can open a beer and then close it to get back to casting and stripping. When packing your beer around in your chest or hip pack always make sure to wrap them with koozies. Keeps the frosty brew cold while hiking around and makes for a great treat after reeling in a big one. ><:::>

Tip Of The Week: Lifeproof Case

Todays tip is more of a product review. But I think it pretty cool and love to using it. The LIFEPROOF iPhone case!

I was fishing with my buddy Tad. He pulled out his iPhone to take a photo of a fish and whoops he dropped it in the river. After trying all the tricks to dry it out he ended up having to replace it. I didn't want to make the same mistake and went looking for a water proof case. Mouse put me on to the LIFEPROOF case. Its pretty bomber. After doing some research on web, watching videos of people taking it snorkeling and filming fish under water I had to get it. I could not be any happier. I take mine fishing with no worries and love to play around and take under water photos. I don't have any stress about dropping it in or out of the water. If you use your phone to listen to music while fishing or to take photos I would suggest grabbing one of these guys.